God Is A Chain Breaker!

Most people have some kind of an addiction. Webster says an ADDICTION is the habit of activity, often injurious. Sometimes we call it a craving, fixation, a hang-up, obsession, or even a sweet tooth. However, it is dependence or enslavement to something that is difficult to break the chains of bondage. My personal obsession or addiction is my sweet tooth. I cannot go one day without chocolate in some form, cookie, cake, ice cream, candy, or pudding. This is not a healthy lifestyle for me personally. Is it a sin? No, but I want to lose weight and it’s hard to do with the choices I make. Diabetes runs in my family and I don’t want to suffer from this illness. I allow chocolate to control my emotions which confirms no self-control. The most important thing that I tend to forget is my body is the temple of God. My desire is to keep God’s temple as healthy as I can by making good choices and demonstrating self-control. Thank you, Lord, for helping me battle my addiction. I pray that whatever your addiction may be that you will surrender it to God. With God all things are possible. 🙏

Published by Matthew, Karen, and God

Karen Guthrie, a retired Bank Manager, Vice President, and Matthew Moore, who works in construction, are members of the same church. In March 2014, they both joined the Oakdale Rescue Mission Board of Directors. They started sharing their stories with one another on how God has greatly impacted their lives.

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