Thank you God

I was once a wanderer lost and confused, battered and broken trashed and all used. Until I met you my life was in shambles, I felt like I climbed through miles of thick brambles. Not wanting to carry on with even one more day, that’s when you entered my heart for an eternal stay. Slowly but surely you worked on my heart, tugging and nudging giving me a brand new start. You filled it with love, compassion, and life, you even placed in my path a beautiful wife. Every nook and cranny in my heart mind and soul has you inside it making me whole. I love when you hold me like only you can, loving me so much even when it feels like I can no longer stand. You give me the strength to not only get through the day but also giving me the heart to want to stay. There are no words to thank you for dying for my sin, except that I love you and thank you from beginning to end.

Published by Matthew, Karen, and God

Karen Guthrie, a retired Bank Manager, Vice President, and Matthew Moore, who works in construction, are members of the same church. In March 2014, they both joined the Oakdale Rescue Mission Board of Directors. They started sharing their stories with one another on how God has greatly impacted their lives.

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