God’s Storehouse is full!

My husband and grandson went to the grocery store to purchase some strawberries. The shelves were empty. On their way home, my grandson said, ”Papa, pull over at the fruit stand they have strawberries.” As papa pulled over he asked Mason, ”Could you see the strawberries from the highway.” ”No, Papa, ” Mason explained, ”I saw a sign with a picture of strawberries on it. My husband knew that it was the end of the season for strawberries and he didn’t expect to find any. To his surprise, he saw three little baskets of them. A lady greeted him and asked, ”how can I help you.” Gary replied, ”my wife sent me to purchase a crate of strawberries.” The lady was thrilled, as she immediately put all the strawberries in a crate. As she handed it to Gary, she said, ”That is all we have until next year, the season is over! ”

When my husband arrived home, he immediately began telling me the difficulty they had in getting the strawberries. As he was telling me all the details, my mind started wandering. I thought to myself, God’s storehouse is always full. No matter what we need, it is never out of season. Grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness flows from the throne of God’s, continually. All we have to do is ASK and it is given to us. When Mason saw the sign, He believed and had faith the little fruit stand had strawberries. Do we know the signs of the coming of the Lord? Will we recognize and understand them? Or will we think that’s unusual and just shrug it off? Do we have faith that our Lord Jesus is coming back to take us home? We need to be ready for the coming of Christ and know the signs of end times. Matthew 24 is a good chapter to read. If you have any questions please email me at gk080549@yahoo.com. God bless you!


Published by Matthew, Karen, and God

Karen Guthrie, a retired Bank Manager, Vice President, and Matthew Moore, who works in construction, are members of the same church. In March 2014, they both joined the Oakdale Rescue Mission Board of Directors. They started sharing their stories with one another on how God has greatly impacted their lives.

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