My wife, daughter and I feeding our homeless friends with our church family.

I messed up royally with my first two kids. I was the father that shouldn’t have been. Always arguing with their mother, getting drunk, and watching TV instead of spending time with them. They were pulled out of bed in the middle of the night just to watch their father being arrested for fighting at a bar after he called their mother to pick him up. They had front-row seats to watch their father fail at everything and it filled them with negativity. Many years later I was blessed with a new marriage and a beautiful baby girl. I swore that she would never have to see her dad act that way and be full of positivity. I have had my moments where I haven’t been the greatest father but God has guided my wife and I to show her his words and love. If there’s one thing in life that I get right it will be that our daughter knows God and all his love. Something that I didn’t have in my earlier, younger life. Once God entered my heart later in life I felt a true love that no one person can give. He changes the way that you perceive things. He is full of love, compassion, and Grace amongst a whole lot more. Just because we have a couple of pitfalls in our parenting doesn’t make us a bad parent. It makes us stronger and smarter. We just need to fold our hands and pray to ask our heavenly father to show us how to be the best parents. To make us stronger as an individual and as a family unit. We have shown our daughter through God how to love and pray and give. Nowadays it seems like our daughter is showing us what to do! She brings tears to my eyes quite often at the huge heart that she has and I thank God every day for that gift. So if you are a parent and you think you’re a failure or that you can do better please pray with me now. Heavenly Father only you can show us how to be the best parents possible. We humbly come before you asking for your help. Help us to be the best parents for our children. Show us what it means to love greatly and to cherish every moment that we have with our children. Fill us with your Holy Spirit so that when we speak to our children it’s you speaking through us to encourage and inspire. Help us to make the best disciple for you Lord. In Jesus’ precious name amen.

Published by Matthew, Karen, and God

Karen Guthrie, a retired Bank Manager, Vice President, and Matthew Moore, who works in construction, are members of the same church. In March 2014, they both joined the Oakdale Rescue Mission Board of Directors. They started sharing their stories with one another on how God has greatly impacted their lives.

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