Imperfectly perfect

The other day while at the grocery store God showed me something that I needed to see. I was searching for some eggs and when I found them I opened them one by one to assess any damages as most of us do. One of the ones I had opened was missing an egg entirely. The next had multiple eggs that were cracked open. There was also a couple that had cracked eggs but not all the way through it had just punctured the shell but not the membrane that surrounds the egg. now normally I would have swapped the eggs around to make a perfect package and place the bad ones into an already damaged package. This time however was different I reached into remove the two slightly cracked eggs but stopped. It was like God showing me a message. I paused for a moment, closed the lid and placed the eggs in the cart. Even though we want to be perfect or think we are, we all have a bit of damage in our lives. We are all imperfect. It’s the imperfections in our lives that keep us coming back to God to strive for perfection. Let’s face it, if anyone can mold us into being perfect it is the all mighty King and Redeemer. Our mistakes and blemishes in life aren’t meant to be dwelled upon but stepping stones on which we are meant to hurdle. Placing God first in our lives helps us with these hurdles. Every time I go to the store now I pick up something that is damaged as a reminder of that. Thank you God for showing me that even though I am damaged, you have a special plan and purpose for me and that I don’t have to dwell on my imperfections.

Published by Matthew, Karen, and God

Karen Guthrie, a retired Bank Manager, Vice President, and Matthew Moore, who works in construction, are members of the same church. In March 2014, they both joined the Oakdale Rescue Mission Board of Directors. They started sharing their stories with one another on how God has greatly impacted their lives.

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  1. What God has shown me this how wrong & feeble I am. And how I fail frequently to acknowledge this. Fortunately, God doesn’t punish us for our personal ignorance!
    Praise God for His Mercy regarding humans! Happy is the human who knows God & His nature and His wonderful character!
    Thank you, God, my Creator & Lover of my soul.

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