Yesterday I had gotten off work early in the morning and couldn’t wait to get home. My friend and landlord is in his mid 80s and was in need of help even though he would never ask for it. We all live on a seven acre ranch and the weeds can get out of hand. I hadn’t seen him outside for a while cutting his grass and weeds because his lawn mower was broken so I decided to use mine. Luckily I saw him before I started and he told me that he had fixed his finally and it was ready to go he just hadn’t had time to get out there and do it. Plus I believe that the last 7 Days of over 100° weather hasn’t helped him either. So I jump on his lawn mower and took my time because the grass and weeds are almost 18 in high. As I finished the main part which was the heavier part I decided to jump over to where all of his fruit trees are. As I started driving around the trees I heard metal bumping against the bottom of the lawn mower so I drove it over to a shady spot so that I could check it out. Joe my landlord is really good at mechanicking so I called him over to help me take a look at it. I am a bull with natural brute strength so I grabbed the bottom of the ride on lawn mower and turned it over on its side and held it up while Joe investigated the problem. Even though I could hold this in position all day Joe asked me to put it down. I went over and grabbed a jack stand while he went and grabbed some tools. I picked up the machine again and Joe placed the jack stand underneath. Apparently it wasn’t in a good spot but didn’t notice until Joe was underneath trying to fix what was wrong with it. I turned away only for a second and Joe’s elbow had hit the jack stand kicking it out from underneath and the lawn mower had started to fall! I had just turned my eyes back toward him as it did this and was able to catch it with one arm! I told Joe to get out from underneath and the look on his face was solid fear. After he got out from underneath he asked me if I was okay I placed the machine on the ground and I had a large mark on my arm but nothing bad. Everything was okay so I went and grabbed some blocks and put those underneath the tires which helped a lot more. After a couple of laughs and a little bit of work we ended up fixing the mower. I told him that we should go into business together I would lift all the equipment and he could fix it, he laughed at me and just shook his head. I jumped back on to the lawn mower and worked a couple more hours before finishing up. I was so happy because this property is so large and it takes a lot to keep it up. I get so busy with work sometimes that I don’t get a chance to help out with different things and I love helping people. It brought joy to my heart that I was able to make him laugh and be able to fix his machine. I got to thinking about it and if I hadn’t have used the machine Joe would have ended up using it and breaking it and I probably would have been at work not able to help him fix it. I asked God to place someone in my path that needs help each and every day and I praise him at the end of the day when I’m able to help someone out. I look for any opportunity to be able to help someone in this life, not only does it help them but it encourages my journey and my walk with God as well. We ask God for help quite often but do we look for a chance to help others? Romans 12:10 be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. It can be something as small as telling a joke or listening to someone, even sharing your lunch. I tell you the joys of helping others is beyond comprehension and it feeds your soul. I challenge you today to make a difference in someone’s life. Ask God to place that special person in your path today. Do not be discouraged if you feel as though you hadn’t helped anyone. Sometimes doing our work to the best of our ability can help someone else who is watching you and you wouldn’t even know it. If you would like to start implementing this into your life and please join me in prayer. Dear heavenly father thank you so much for yet another beautiful day. Thank you for the ability that we have to be able to get up and go out and do the things you have set out for us to do. We ask you to open up our hearts as wide as you can Lord so that we can go out and love others. Please place a special person in our life today that needs our help. Give us a strength to be able to help that person whether it be physically mentally or spiritually. In Jesus precious name amen.

Published by Matthew, Karen, and God

Karen Guthrie, a retired Bank Manager, Vice President, and Matthew Moore, who works in construction, are members of the same church. In March 2014, they both joined the Oakdale Rescue Mission Board of Directors. They started sharing their stories with one another on how God has greatly impacted their lives.

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