Divine appointment

My wife had sent me a text asking me to stop by the library and pick up some documents that she had left by accident. After retrieving the papers I headed out the door. A woman had passed me but then doubled back, for some reason I asked,” Where are you headed? ” She responded by saying, ” God wanted me to turn around.” We started a conversation about the homeless and it turned into a nice long one. She had just found a home church not long ago and was looking to work with the homeless. ”I’m on the rescue mission board of directors who work hand in hand with the homeless, ” I said.

She went on to tell me about her son and that the doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with him. He is too proud to get assistance from the government because he had a really nice job with great pay. He feels as though that is for people less fortunate and not for him. Instead, his mother and father are paying his hospital bills, food and lodging. I grabbed her hand and said a prayer which seemed to relieve her very much. She was having a hard time that day and felt lost. Sometimes we pray by ourselves and it feels as though our prayers aren’t going to be answered. We need to reach out to others to help us with prayer and encouragement. Don’t be afraid to have others join in, it can change the direction of our thoughts and feel relieved. There have been times where someone else prayed for something I was dealing with, and the prayer they prayed touched me on a couple of different things. Things I hadn’t thought of praying for. Dear heavenly Father, thank you for the people you’ve placed in our path to strengthen our prayer life. In Jesus name amen.

By their fruits you will know them!


Don’t be taken in with someone’s looks, charisma, or polished way of speaking when it comes to God and your salvation. If it’s all about ”i”, and not about Jesus they will not product good fruit, run from them as fast as you can. God has made it very clear that his children will produce good fruit. They will glorify God not themselves.

Throwing stones

John 8:1-11 Mary Magdalene was surrounded by those who judged her for being a prostitute. They were planning on stoning her to death because of her sin. Jesus stepped in and stopped them by simply writing the stoners sins in the sand, simply saying,” those who are without sin cast the first stone. Not one was worthy of throwing that first stone, so all had walked away. Ecclesiastes 7:20 The Bible states that not one person is perfect, no, not one. Therefore not one of us can judge one another. The next time we point a finger at one another, we should remember this. We all have fallen short of God’s love and have no right to judge others. We have so much hate in this world, shouldn’t we be there to help rebuild? God, please help us not to judge today. Help us to love one another, inspire and encourage. Give us the strength to do better than the day before. In Jesus name amen.

God’s Banquet For His Servants

The Lord All-Powerful will prepare a feast on this mountain for all people. It will be a feast with all the best food and wine, the finest meat and wine. On this mountain God will destroy the veil that covers all nations, the veil that stretches over all people; he will destroy death forever. The Lord God will wipe away every tear from every face. He will take away the shame of his people from the earth. The Lord has spoken. At that time people will say, ” Our God is doing this! We have waited for him, and he has come to save us. This is the Lord. We waited for him, so we will rejoice and be happy when he saves us.” Isaiah 25:6-9

God has a seat for all of us, choose to fill it!